Successful pre-launch of the Cycled SmartBin at Skagerak Arena today

Dec 12, 2021

Cycled Technologies

At the last game of the Norwegian Eliteserien 2021 season, visitors at Skagerak Arena were offered incentives for recycling at the stadium. The Cycled Self-Sorting SmartBin offered users the chance to join a raffle draw for 2022 Season and Match-Day Tickets by simply disposing their plastic bottles and snuff boxes into the machine. This pre-launch featured 9 Cycled SmartBins placed throughout the stadium to give visitors easy access to participate.  

Cycled SmartBin setup at Skagerak Arena

Odd football club and Cycled Technologies are moving ahead with the main launch at the beginning of the 2022 season. We will introduce a digital voucher and award system based on points for each recyclable material disposed in the Cycled SmartBin. Vouchers will be redeemable at the stadium’s kiosks and lucky draw for match tickets will be arranged. There will also be an award for the best season recycler who will win season tickets for the 2023 season. The Cycled SmartBin is part of Odd football's strategy to achieve 100% recycling at Skagerak Arena and this pilot demonstrates the standout effectiveness of our technology in achieving this with the identification of unconventional recyclables like snuff boxes.

Stay tuned for more updates as we are getting ready for the 2022 season! In the meantime, watch our recap.