Seeing opportunity where others see waste - podcast

May 19, 2021

Cycled Technologies

Our COO, Dr. Ayoola Brimmo, recently spoke on the Giraffe Heroes Foundation podcast about the implementation of artificial intelligence in recycling through the Cycled Smart Bin and Cycled App. He shared his personal motivation to develop this technology to improve the quality of recyclables in Nigeria.

In the podcast, Dr. Brimmo discussed how artificial intelligence is used to improve material traceability and incentivize recycling. He explained how the Cycled Smart Bin uses advanced technology to detect and sort different types of waste and how the Cycled App provides users with rewards and discounts for their recycling efforts.

Dr. Brimmo also talked about the challenges of waste management in Nigeria, where inadequate infrastructure and a lack of awareness about recycling contribute to high levels of waste pollution. He stressed the importance of educating people about the value of recycling and creating systems that make it easy and rewarding for them to participate.

Through the use of the Cycled Smart Bin and App, individuals can contribute to the collection of higher quality materials, which can then be reintegrated into the economy. The goal of Cycled Technologies is to help people see waste as a valuable resource that can be reused and repurposed to reduce waste pollution and promote sustainability.

We invite you to listen to the podcast and learn more about how recycling can be more than just waste. Special thanks to Yampier from Giraffe Heroes Foundation for the opportunity to share our message and promote sustainable practices in waste management.