Recycling of snuff boxes with the Cycled SmartBin

Jul 4, 2022

Cycled Technologies

Cycled Technologies was recently featured on EuroSport News during the Odd Ballklub home game against Bodø/Glimt for its innovative collaboration with Swedish Match to incentivize the recycling of snuff boxes at the Skagarek Arena. This collaboration has led to the installation of nine Cycled SmartBins at the stadium during the last home game of the 2021 Eliteserien season.

Visitors to Skagarek Arena have been incentivized to use the Cycled SmartBins to sort their recyclables, with a conversion rate of 10 disposed items equalling 1 Euro that can be spent at snack shops within the stadium. In addition, a lucky-dip system has been used to select a winner of a 500 Euros gift voucher that can be spent at the official merchandise store of Odd Ballklub, available within the stadium.

The Cycled SmartBins' unique features allow them to detect items of any shape and size without requiring a visible product barcode. This feature has made it possible to incentivize the recycling of snuff boxes in collaboration with Swedish Match, with the aim of minimizing snuff box pollution across Norway.

The success of this initiative has highlighted the potential for innovative collaborations between companies to tackle environmental pollution. By encouraging the recycling of snuff boxes, Cycled Technologies and Swedish Match have demonstrated the positive impact of incentivized recycling programs.

To benefit from this innovative recycling system, users can download the Cycled SmartBins App and start earning rewards and discounts from their favorite brands for their recycling efforts. The collaboration between Cycled Technologies and Swedish Match at Skagarek Arena demonstrates the potential for innovative waste management solutions to lead to effective recycling and environmental sustainability.

The full EuroSport interview provides additional insights into this innovative initiative. Through this partnership, Cycled Technologies is leading the way in developing creative solutions to promote recycling and combat pollution.