Mama, We Made it!- Cycled got into the Nordic EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme

Oct 5, 2018

Cycled Technologies

Last week, Cycled Technologies announced that it was selected as one of the 10 new cleantech start-ups that will enter the Nordic EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator. The Climate-KIC Accelerator is the only EU acceleration programme that is solely focused on cleantech commercialization for climate impact. It is an 18-month program that takes participating startups through three stages of knowledge, resources, tools, and coaching necessary for success. According to the Climate-KIC, technology start-ups seldom fail on technology, but they often fail on commercialization.

Cycled Technologies is thrilled to join the Climate-KIC Accelerator as it is a platform that will help the company in achieving global domination in the waste management industry. The program promises to let the company in on all the secrets of success in commercializing cleantech and achieving significant impact in climate change. The programme will provide Cycled Technologies with the resources and knowledge it needs to succeed in the competitive waste management industry, where effective waste management is becoming increasingly important in mitigating the effects of climate change.

The selection of Cycled Technologies as one of the 10 cleantech start-ups that will join the Climate-KIC Accelerator is a testament to the company's commitment to finding innovative solutions to the problem of waste management. Through its proprietary waste management system, Cycled Technologies is poised to change the way waste is managed, recycled and repurposed. With the support and resources provided by the Climate-KIC Accelerator, Cycled Technologies is poised to achieve great things in the fight against climate change.