Cycled Technologies Partners with Aquafina and Tamimi Markets to Revolutionize Recycling in Saudi Arabia

Apr 11, 2024

Oluwaseun Bamise

Cycled Technologies is proud to facilitate an innovative environmental initiative, collaborating with Aquafina and Tamimi Markets to combat the challenge of single-use plastic waste in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This collaboration leverages our advanced Cycled Smart Recycling Station, strategically located at the entrance of Tamimi Markets’ Rikah Store in Khobar to incentivize recycling in the community.

Customers are encouraged to deposit their recyclable plastics into these stations, in return for Tamimi Gift Cards, rewarding their contribution to sustainability efforts. This initiative not only aims to reduce the environmental footprint of single-use plastics but also cultivates a culture of recycling and sustainability within the community. By integrating technology with environmental stewardship, this partnership underscores the significant impact collaborative efforts can have on promoting ecological sustainability and reducing waste.

Through this initiative Aquafina, and Tamimi Markets demonstrate a shared commitment to fostering a greener future and highlight the crucial role of innovative solutions in achieving environmental goals.