Cycled Technologies joins The Explorer

Nov 21, 2021

Cycled Technologies

Cycled Technologies has achieved another significant milestone this week, as its Smart Bins have been added to The Explorer, the official marketplace for green and sustainable technology from Norway. The Explorer provides a platform for companies searching for green and sustainable solutions, and all companies listed are carefully screened beforehand to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

This initiative is part of Innovation Norway, the Norwegian government's organization promoting innovation and growth for Norwegian enterprises, from start-ups to established businesses. By featuring on The Explorer, Cycled Technologies' Smart Bins will be more accessible to businesses searching for sustainable solutions, allowing them to directly contact the company and discuss collaboration and business possibilities.

The addition of Cycled Technologies' Smart Bins to The Explorer is a testament to the company's commitment to promoting sustainable waste management solutions. This milestone also aligns with Norway's efforts to promote sustainable technology, positioning the country as a leader in the field of sustainability.

The Explorer has also featured Cycled Technologies in a recent article, highlighting the company's innovative technology and its potential to drive sustainable waste management practices. This recognition will further enhance the visibility of Cycled Technologies, allowing it to reach more businesses seeking sustainable solutions.

Overall, this latest achievement reinforces Cycled Technologies' position as a pioneer in sustainable waste management technology. By featuring on The Explorer, the company is well-positioned to expand its reach and support more businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.