Blockchain technology can innovate the business of recycling

Apr 20, 2018

Suvi Häkämies

Guest Post by Suvi Häkämies

Circular economy is about securing economic growth where increased well-being is no longer based on the wasteful use of natural resources.

Green Net Finland is committed to developing circular economy in Finland. We are bringing together the knowledge and resources of Finnish cleantech companies, scientific and educational institutions and public authorities to support the co-creation of circular economy solutions in the urban environment. We are excited to see new inspiring innovations arising from the Nordic Countries and happy to see the Norwegian based new digital platform of Cycled Technologies introducing new incentives and blockchain technology to incentivize and improve recycling.

Innovations, new ideas and bright-minded entrepreneurs are needed to accelerate the development towards circular economy. Retaining the value of recyclables in the loop, digital solutions and blockchain technologies are cornerstones in this development.

At Green Net Finland one of our core thematic focus is circular economy in the urban environment. We are working together with various players in the market to support the creation of new, often complex solutions supporting the switch from “traditional” economy to circular economy. As such, we are always excited to see new ideas and technologies on this topic. The blockchain technology is well-known for being the platform upon which bitcoin is built upon but initiatives like that of Cycled Technologies are showing that the technology can also be a valuable tool for facilitating the circular economy concept.

Norway and Finland are among the top recycling countries in the world. But with new arising technologies our already relatively good recycling rates could be even further improved upon. While Cycled Technologies are focusing on developing countries until now, we look forward to seeing you running pilots in Europe as well (Norway and Bulgaria) this year.

Guest Author Profile

Suvi Häkämies is the managing director of Green Net Finland and has been working in the organization since 2008 – first as an energy expert being responsible of Green Net Finland’s international project development related to energy efficiency. She obtained an M.Sc.(Tech.) from Helsinki University of Technology in Energy engineering and Environmental protection. Suvi has extensive know-how in implementing and managing cleantech development projects. She knows development funding instruments widely, especially EU-funding and understands how development projects that have an impact are created and implemented. She has a wide connection network in cleantech sector in Finland and internationally.

Suvi’s interests are in energy efficiency, smart and renewable (distributed) energy production and generally removing development bottle necks in urban cleantech.